Some ideas are hard to shake (and with good reason) ! The NW Pet Club is something that got set aside, despite wild enthusiasm from businesses and pet clubs and pet people. In fact, over-enthusiasm led to over-reaching geographically and over-spending on phone lists, telemarketing hours and “advances” to a dishonest salesman. By switching to a virtual directory (we cut costs and save trees) and the idea of splitting profits with nonprofits (like schools) rather than a sales force will allow the project to grow organically. As quickly or slowly as need/demand. Send us your happy wishes. Check back (after summer/back to school) to check on our progress.

NW Pet Club


Northwest Pet Club was created to put “Unity into Community”. Our business model is designed to put people before profits. Our goals are simple. We find and promote ethical and affordable local businesses, services, businesses and organizations that improve the lives of pets and pet owners. We provide discounts to our members to make it easier to use those services, products, businesses. We help keep those terrific businesses IN BUSINESS: by providing a loyal and diverse customer base and an avid word of mouth “buzz”. We allow schools and similar nonprofit groups to sell our memberships and related products for fundraising purposes.

For our pets

For their people

For students

For the future

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