The purpose for this blog is to create a community and a template for a new way of being. Whether you calling it infiltrating from within, subverting the dominant paradigm, smashing capitalism or reforming it or simply wrestling/wresting/resting/arresting control of the runaway train that is local and global economies and business practices from the deathgrip of corporations and slicing the strings off some golden parachutes.

This is to create safe, environmentally and social sound ways of being and partnerships. What we want are mom and pop businesses who open their doors and stay open. If we accept the participation of angel investor networks or shark tank tv hucksters, it should be to recognize them for what they are: a short term solution. A quick fix. Get them in and get them out. What investors like this want is antithetical to GOOD business practices. They want continual spiraling growth. What is good for communities is the store stays open, provides goods at the same or even less price while sustaining a living wage for the workers in the store, the workers that supply the products or make them etc. This cannot be done and continue to give “investors” more and more bang for the one buck they invested.

The current modality is to shoot someone to provide that blood money: mom and pop, union workers, whoever gets in the way of the “shark/angel” and the best bang-for-buck increase in profits. This has led to poverty, recession, the collapse of banking, housing and markets that were once considered “risk free”. Yesterday’s financial advice seems quaint and naive: Invest in real estate and you’ll always have something or at least some place to live.

All sharks want is to eat. They will tear anyone, anything, including each other if they smell blood in the water. Angels don’t live in the real world and have real world concerns like not enough cash to put gas in the car or milk in your kids cereal.

Any marriage between Big money and Small town sustainability, should be a Brittney Spears style event: all flash and paparazzi, sexy, huge and over before the honeymoon. Get them in and out. Thank you very much for your seed money or participation or stopping by and here, as promised, is the nitty-gritty, quick return on the investment, warm fuzzy feeling, high fives from colleagues for having scored in the press and all the other goodies of a celebrity marriage. Sign the annulment papers on your way out. There’s nothing left but exit interviews and checking to see how high you’re trending on twitter.

Everyone gets what everyone wants.

Lasting marriages are arranged by matchmakers like me, and the socialists and environmentalists and mothers and all of us who want a paycheck you can count on and the feeling of honor and joy that comes with working closely with and supporting organizations and individuals and industries and businesses that have earned that support and who are genuinely building lasting communities.

Advertzines are one of the ways I have considered doing and creating that. Getting the money from thems that’s got it all and those who need it… in a way that is mutually satisfying.

Some organizations will always need money. Schools, for example. Or anything that has “making money” no where in their mission statement. Boys and girls clubs, free clinics, food pantries, churches. The list is actually endless.

There is nothing new about suggesting to business “partners” that what exists there are untapped consumers or sales force. What is new is to turn the tables and say we are not begging gods of commerce for the opportunity to exploit us, the weak and needy. We are offering them instead the opportunity to be exploited by us, to serve, to evolve (if they can) or to get in/get out before the greed they pride themselves for (and which WE can no longer allow) makes those corporate bullies completely redundant.

This blog will showcase who is doing what to make change, transitions, green business strategies, advice, links to similar, interviews, news snips etc and analysis. Also it will evolve into a series of Advertzines (advertising magazines etc similar to the coloring pages the waitress gives your child that show the restaurant mascot juggling hamburgers… or the balloon with the logo on it.)

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