Note to self (from sickbed to later to do list)

being trapped and drugged up means my mind goes a million miles a minute… new idea for a tarot series forming… in which the suits are pirates, gypsies/belly dancers, fairy/fey for air, mermaids and aquatic cosplayer or drowned heroines, or… or maybe some focus is required and do each as separate decks: ie modern elementals (dancers with fire, water-flashdance/wet-tshirt cannons/bursting water balloons etc, with air-aireals-trapese-tightrope, earth-grass,dirt,mud and trees), and then focused on a specific elemental mythos such as dryads (with proceeds to cascadia forest defenders), single mothers/hipster moms/ and a corresponding for single dads one… there are not enough single dads swag. must copy and paste this to my revolution through business ie money is the tool of evil not the source of it blogs.

done. posted. pasted. Others can offer suggestions. Ask me if you want to be a model, a photographer, contribute content, ideas, or just get on the mailing list to be informed when its done. (BTW drugged up genius artists want to know just how done does something have to be to safely offer preorders and use the funds to print/finish etc. And how long out is someone willing to wait for a preorder?)

(Note to anxious self: money is a tool, whether its a toy or a weapon or a hammer to rebuild a community in ruins… it’s not money specifically that does harm its assholes with money that do.) Use money to make more things and people free. Liberate with money, liberate from money, sort of like getting grant money from a bloodsucking corporation to fund a free (no barter) everything’s free event. Strange bedfellows. but it could work. Just remember that while they are trying to corrupt you toward taking the easy, cheap product that is made with chems, nonfood foods, no oversight, invisible labor force… we work as hard to corrupt them toward good. Not just because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the only thing to do. This is a cake or death offer.

Evolve –capitalism has shown itself to be slippery and adaptive– if it can stop fighting socialism, we could reform it (while strangling the unreform-able parts). But understand, oh ye captains of industry. We are not beggars with a hand-out saying “please Mr., won’t you help.” We are the lifeboat off the sinking ship. You can stay on the titanic and listen to the band play on and drink champagne martinis served by suicidal waitrons until you all slip into the icy depths of arrogant, mammoth blunders of history and greed. Or you can convince us with your actions, your money in supporting these and other green businesses, communities, etc and with your actions in being accountable for everything your money touches, don’t launder the blood off your money… stop the source of the bleeding. Stop paying warlords and sweat-shops and slavers.

Basically prove you deserve a place in the life boat. But we, me here/those who join me here, we don’t have time to adjudicate your worthiness. We’re busy finding places and squeezing everyone into the boats. Hurry. Sit over there. Grab an oar.

We are the cake in the cake or death equation. Insert Eddie Izzard. But be aware, we are not the church of england who never runs out of cake.

Time will tell if WE are the vanguard of the revolution or just canaries in the coal mine. We are the diplomats. The peace-wishers. But behind us is a bloodier revolutionary army. The tribunals. The vigilantes. The mob of angry villagers and disenfranchised voters and wage slaves that have come to tear the castle down and drag the king and his court (let them eat cake advisers) off to the guillotine. So if you have any sense of self preservation, Sir, turn the castle into a soup kitchen and start distributing cake to the poor so when their brothers arrive they may sit down and eat beside you. Judge you harmless or at least useful to the revolution and not an enemy of it. The enemies of change. The enemies of progress and sanity and justice… they will not fair well. Their lives are not more valuable than those of garment workers burning alive in locked factories. Your life is not. My life is not. By your works shall ye know them. Make ’em good ones, Sir or Madam. Make it count. Save yourself. Save your community. Save your planet. By any means necessary.

A revolution and a business plan you can dance and sing to and that keeps schools open and children fed and artists art-ting… that’s my wish and my plan and I will stand head held high in front of the tribunals when they ask me what I have to harm or help in this world. I hope to judged fairly as doing my best. I hope to have corrupted rather than been corrupted by alliances.

I better make those tarot decks so I can read on the possible outcome.

These are the faces of the future: business owners and consumers


These lovely young feminists (gender unknown and irrelevant) are web savvy and know  what they want as consumers and they are asking for it: respect, self-directed lives and some colorful, gender-smart toys.