Semi-Game review/reflection on Games as advertizing

The following comments are about the FB game MyVegas

 these are comments I posted about how the game might improve, what I found frustrating and disappointing. I have included also the comments of a fan who was offended on the game’s behalf and leaped into defend its honor. I addressed my comments to this quixotic Don Q, but realized that as always I’m talking over his shoulder, pitched to the crowd behind him. My audience is always much larger (myself) and the like-minded world (like you, beloved readers.)


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G.l. Morrison

If your intention as a game designer is to sort out the real higher rollers who will just spin and spin and spend a couple of hundred dollars because they spend enough time in vegas anyway… well good on you.


For the rest of us, which in this economy is MOST people, playing games is a way to be fantasy millionaires. Games with real world benefits like WeTopia which gives money to charities and this and others which give POTENTIAL rewards to players are appealing because they make us feel that time spent playing games isn’t wasted. (Not entirely anyway.)

  • The MyStrip should be more than a place to chip farm (and if it’s a chip farm then sit down with your game designer and ask yourselves WHY SO STINGY?)
  • The Casino marquees show real events/shows. Why not let us earn points by clicking on them and going to off site pages. Add a level where we can enter the casinos and browse through stores, websites, etc. Too glitchy on FB? Take it to another server… like Zynga. Where we click and are actually exiting FB and its code dramas. But our scores, points, etc are sent back to FB so nothing is lost.
  • Give us a third set of currency that can be used to fantasy shop for SIMs like items to decorate our “high roller suite”.
  • Partner with Zynga or EA or the sims. You can either be one of their favored/temporary business partners who they then write an adventure for us players and we get virtual swag for playing in both MyVegas and Sims. Or just buy some code from them to make an inside casino thing for MyStrip.
  • Slots could be a lot “looser”. One would think these perks and coupons were coming out of your pocket. You just make us feel stupid for playing and losing and losing. (Or are anti-gambling addicts involved in the code writing and it’s a lesson we’re supposed to learn in there somewhere?) All I learn is that the developers seem to be greedy little people who either don’t play games or don’t respect those of us who do.
Seriously this is too boring to play and too long to wait to earn chips. It’s actually making me feel hostility not just for the game but for the city and businesses its modeled on.
December 08, 2012 08:20
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Greg Marquez

I would really love an app version for Android where we can sign in from our phone and play.

December 08, 2012 15:26
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Raja Bettis

WOW G.I. Morrison. You sound like a PROFESSIONAL GAMER! Although some of the suggestions are kinda cool, I happen to think that for the average person, like myself, this game is alot of fun. As far as them being stingy… they are letting you earn VIP points for FREE stuff for FREE ( if you don’t want to buy chips) most of the other slot games on FB don’t give you ANYTHING, even if you purchase chips.  Maybe you should just NOT PLAY THE GAME if you don’t like it.  I LOVE IT!!!  Keep up the good work guys!

December 09, 2012 11:35
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G.l. Morrison


As I said above, I don’t play the other slots so I can’t compare. I am a professional GAME REVIEWER. As such, I thought and continue to think that my opinion (as it includes the hours and experience, if you include interviews with other gamers etc, a beejezus number of lifetime hours spent playing games) is valuable.


All games, including this one, wouldn’t survive without their hardcore fans. They have found one in you Raja and are lucky to have you. Good ‘on you, both for finding each other. Nothing wrong there.


However, I am assuming that the game also represents a real investment of cash and man hours by the casino and the games developers. They have created this forum and intend it to be used to better the game. I hope that they do so rather than simply troll for self-congratulatory back pats.

Casinos and other business are looking for adventurous and SUCCESSFUL ways to invest their advertising money. FB games is a new cutting edge way of doing that. There are dozens of other game only sites from Neopets to Zynga that do fun stuff to woo those ad bucks. Some of it results in more fun for gamers, loyalty rewards some tangible and some intangible.


You can offer me points toward getting a free car from a car lot in Kalamazoo.


WOW! How can they afford to give us each a free car? They don’t have to. Because how long will it take to earn those points and how many of us will give up before then? So they get an enormous amount of “eyeballs” on the ads and valuable buzz about the car/products… because basically by offering us a car or show tickets or a Las Vegas vacation we are drooling for it. We have been offered a forced choice and reclaim it as our heart’s desire.

Example: I was planning on taking my gf to Hawaii or the US Virgin Island or the fringe festival in Victoria British Columbia but playing this game has caused me to surf around thinking about when/how soon I could take a weekend getaway for two or a later family gambling vacation.

Oh yeah, I am suggestible. Very open to advertising. I am in that way a completely different, but equally prized, demographic.


What I plan to do is to keep playing the game. Even if it means just checking in and chip farming and spinning the chips into loyalty points. I will give myself a deadline such as family vegas trip next year at xmas. I will blog my progress. I will spin the experience into a variety of articles, funny blurbs, etc that I sell and resell because that’s what professional writers and gamers do. LOLz.

Hopefully I’ll have patience to play and actually cash in on some great goodies. (I’m also signed up for M life before I mark off the dates on the calendar, I will have signed up for every reward site and Las Vegas city council/tourist board swag bag known to man… and some fairly obscure ones. I’ll arrange to visit somethings with a travel agent pal and get their swag and how-to-sell vegas info. I’ll probably arrange to do quickie interviews with cooks and do food reviewing.) Cuz you’re right. This is my life. And my job. And both of them I treat like a game. A game I’m really good at.


I’m easily bored tho. So… Hey, Life! Wake up and fix the glitches and keep me entertained or I’ll go play something else.

Note to self (from sickbed to later to do list)

being trapped and drugged up means my mind goes a million miles a minute… new idea for a tarot series forming… in which the suits are pirates, gypsies/belly dancers, fairy/fey for air, mermaids and aquatic cosplayer or drowned heroines, or… or maybe some focus is required and do each as separate decks: ie modern elementals (dancers with fire, water-flashdance/wet-tshirt cannons/bursting water balloons etc, with air-aireals-trapese-tightrope, earth-grass,dirt,mud and trees), and then focused on a specific elemental mythos such as dryads (with proceeds to cascadia forest defenders), single mothers/hipster moms/ and a corresponding for single dads one… there are not enough single dads swag. must copy and paste this to my revolution through business ie money is the tool of evil not the source of it blogs.

done. posted. pasted. Others can offer suggestions. Ask me if you want to be a model, a photographer, contribute content, ideas, or just get on the mailing list to be informed when its done. (BTW drugged up genius artists want to know just how done does something have to be to safely offer preorders and use the funds to print/finish etc. And how long out is someone willing to wait for a preorder?)

(Note to anxious self: money is a tool, whether its a toy or a weapon or a hammer to rebuild a community in ruins… it’s not money specifically that does harm its assholes with money that do.) Use money to make more things and people free. Liberate with money, liberate from money, sort of like getting grant money from a bloodsucking corporation to fund a free (no barter) everything’s free event. Strange bedfellows. but it could work. Just remember that while they are trying to corrupt you toward taking the easy, cheap product that is made with chems, nonfood foods, no oversight, invisible labor force… we work as hard to corrupt them toward good. Not just because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the only thing to do. This is a cake or death offer.

Evolve –capitalism has shown itself to be slippery and adaptive– if it can stop fighting socialism, we could reform it (while strangling the unreform-able parts). But understand, oh ye captains of industry. We are not beggars with a hand-out saying “please Mr., won’t you help.” We are the lifeboat off the sinking ship. You can stay on the titanic and listen to the band play on and drink champagne martinis served by suicidal waitrons until you all slip into the icy depths of arrogant, mammoth blunders of history and greed. Or you can convince us with your actions, your money in supporting these and other green businesses, communities, etc and with your actions in being accountable for everything your money touches, don’t launder the blood off your money… stop the source of the bleeding. Stop paying warlords and sweat-shops and slavers.

Basically prove you deserve a place in the life boat. But we, me here/those who join me here, we don’t have time to adjudicate your worthiness. We’re busy finding places and squeezing everyone into the boats. Hurry. Sit over there. Grab an oar.

We are the cake in the cake or death equation. Insert Eddie Izzard. But be aware, we are not the church of england who never runs out of cake.

Time will tell if WE are the vanguard of the revolution or just canaries in the coal mine. We are the diplomats. The peace-wishers. But behind us is a bloodier revolutionary army. The tribunals. The vigilantes. The mob of angry villagers and disenfranchised voters and wage slaves that have come to tear the castle down and drag the king and his court (let them eat cake advisers) off to the guillotine. So if you have any sense of self preservation, Sir, turn the castle into a soup kitchen and start distributing cake to the poor so when their brothers arrive they may sit down and eat beside you. Judge you harmless or at least useful to the revolution and not an enemy of it. The enemies of change. The enemies of progress and sanity and justice… they will not fair well. Their lives are not more valuable than those of garment workers burning alive in locked factories. Your life is not. My life is not. By your works shall ye know them. Make ’em good ones, Sir or Madam. Make it count. Save yourself. Save your community. Save your planet. By any means necessary.

A revolution and a business plan you can dance and sing to and that keeps schools open and children fed and artists art-ting… that’s my wish and my plan and I will stand head held high in front of the tribunals when they ask me what I have to harm or help in this world. I hope to judged fairly as doing my best. I hope to have corrupted rather than been corrupted by alliances.

I better make those tarot decks so I can read on the possible outcome.

These are the faces of the future: business owners and consumers


These lovely young feminists (gender unknown and irrelevant) are web savvy and know  what they want as consumers and they are asking for it: respect, self-directed lives and some colorful, gender-smart toys.