Art by subscription: Art in a box (dot) net

Cool idea. A novel and surprising way to interact with a SF gallery and create an inexpensive “grab bag” art collection. Check out their gallery for some stunning pieces. This also appeals as I’ve been looking at ways to support the USPS and strike a blow against the (no longer so) secret attempts to privatize the Post Office. Perhaps you are living in one of the under-represented states. Check out the map on their Trans-American Art Campaign link.

  • each box contains original work of art
  • campaign
  • each box contains original work of art

Subscribing is simple, just give us three adjectives to describe your art taste and tell us what media you like or dislike!

What is Art in a Box?

Established in 2009, ART IN A BOX is an art subscription service created by The Compound Gallery in Oakland, CA. Operating on the model of a wine subscription service, Art in a Box offers amazing original works of art instead of wine. The Subscription cost includes shipping!

Our Artists

Our artists live or work in the San Francisco Bay Area and are hand selected because of their professionalism, quality, and dedication to the arts. You can be sure that not only are your pieces amazing to look at, they will be an investment for your art collection.